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China Vegetables  2023, Vol. 1 Issue (3): 110-112    DOI:
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A New Pepper F1 Hybrid —‘Zhoupilyuyou’
YANG Ning1,QIN Delei2,CHONG Dongdong3,WANG Luocai1,XIA Zhenzhen1,GE Songsong1,MAO Aijun4,XU Jipeng5,CHENG Yanyan6
1Zaozhuang Agricultural and Mechanical Technology Promotion Center,Zaozhuang 277800,Shandong,China;2Zaozhuang Sanxing Seed Co.,Ltd,Zaozhuang 277100,Shandong,China;3Zaozhuang Institute of Science and Technology Informationr,Zaozhuang 277800,Shandong,China;4Zaozhuang Xuecheng District Rural Revitalization Service Center,Zaozhuang 277000,Shandong,China;5Agricultural Integrated Service Center,Zhouying Town,Xuecheng District,Zaozhuang 277000,Shandong,China;6Zaozhuang Yicheng District Agricultural and Rural Comprehensive Service Center,Zaozhuang 277300,Shandong,China

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