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2010 Vol.1 Issue.22,Published 2010-11-15

1 Research Progress on Cucumber Genetic Breeding during China’s ‘The Eleventh Five-year Plan’
ZHANG Sheng-ping;GU Xing-fang*;WANG Ye;MIAO Han
Abstract:Cucumber(Cucumis sativus L.)scultivation counts for the largest share in protected cultivation of vegetable crops in China. It is also a significant industry for farmers making fortune. In this paper, the latest research advances achieved during‘The Eleventh Five-year Plan’in cucumber genetics and breeding were reviewed. Notable progress was made during the past five years in many aspects, such as innovation of breeding materials, appraisal and screen of germplasm, selective breeding of new varieties, studies on genetic law, molecular biology, tissue culture, establishment of transgenic system and transgenic research, etc. The existing problems were analyzed and the research work for next step was also prospected.
2010 Vol. 1 (22): 1-10 [Abstract] ( 1197 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 344KB] ( 1608 )
11 Regulation and Control of Western Flower Thrips Behavior by Semiochemicals and Its Application in Pest Management
LIANG Xing-hui;LEI Zhong-ren*
Western flower thrips, Frankliniella occidentalis Pergande, is a fatalness pest worldwide. It causes serious damage to vegetables and ornamental crops in China, because of its various hosts, rapid reproduction ability, high resistance to drugs and difficulty in control. Certain semiochemicals play a key role in chemical communications between insect-plant or insect-insect, and it can regulate and control various insect behaviors. This paper expounds the effect of volatile chemicals and insect pheromones on western flower thrips behavior and research progress made in their application in thrips management.
2010 Vol. 1 (22): 11-15 [Abstract] ( 1156 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 229KB] ( 1173 )
16 Comparison and Analysis of Two Yellow-green Leaf Mutants in Cucumber (Cucumis sativus L.)
MIAO Han;GU Xing-fang*;ZHANG Sheng-ping;FANG Zhi-yuan;;ZHANG Zhen-xian
Two yellow-green leaf mutants 9110Gt and NCC-042 are used as cucumber(Cucumis sativus L.)materials to conduct phenotypic observation, genetic analysis and molecular marker verification. The results showed that 2 yellow-green leaf mutants were significantly different in morphology. Genetic analysis demonstrated that the 2 leaf color mutations were controlled by 2 different genes, and there existed complementary effect between these 2 genes. The result of molecular marker detection also confirmed this conclusion.
2010 Vol. 1 (22): 16-20 [Abstract] ( 1101 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 240KB] ( 820 )
21 Effect of Irradiation with Blue and Red LED on Fruit Quality of Cherry Tomato during Growth Period
LIU Xiao-ying;CHANG Tao-tao;GUO Shi-rong*;XU Zhi-gang*;CHEN Wen-hao
Fruit qualities of cherry tomato(Lycopersicon esculentum Mill. var. cerasiforme Alef)with combined irradiation of red and blue light emitting diodes(LED)were studied. The results suggested that with blue light accounted for 60 %, the fruit weight and fruit number were significantly greater than that with other treatments. The enlarged blue light ratio could promote the forming of lycopene, soluble solids, free amino acids, flavonoid and increase the ratio of sugar to acid. The enlarged red light ratio could promote the forming of titratable acid in fruit. When blue light accounts for 50 %, the soluble protein content in fruit is the highest. When blue light accounts for 60 %, the contents of sucrose, VC were the highest. When blue accounts for 25 %, the contents of lycopene, soluble solids, soluble protein, soluble sugar, sucrose, free amino acids and anthocyanin in fruit were lower. We can conclude that cherry tomato fruit quality was significantly affected by light quality. Within certain range, effect of irradiation with different proportion of red and blue light had no significant influence on fruit quality. But when blue light accounts for larger proportion, it is beneficial for the accumulation of nutrients. When the blue light accounts for 25 %, it goes against to the improvement of fruit quality. Blue light accounts for 60 % is very helpful for improving fruit quality.
2010 Vol. 1 (22): 21-27 [Abstract] ( 1582 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 260KB] ( 1815 )
28 Differentiation Dynamic Status of Vegetative Shoot Apical Meristem in Dwarf Cucumber
XU Qing-hua;HU Bao-zhong*;LI Feng-lan
Using dwarf cucumber(Cucumis sativus L.)line D0462 as experiment material, we conducted observation on the morphology of dwarf cucumber mutant D0462 and the microexamination of vegetable shoot apical meristem(SAM)differentiation dynamic status in dwarf cucumber. The result showed that D0462 is multi-branching and short plant, its vegetable shoot usually consolidated on the top of FLOB and could elongate to an axillary branch without dormancy and elongation suppression phenomenon. The differentiation process included vegetative stage,elongate stage, and single ridge stage. The partial SAM in single ridge stage became reproductive from vegetable top. The values of diameter/height gradually went down during the 3 stages. D0462 ripened faster than the sprawl cucumber D9419, and went into reproductive stage on the 15th day after its cotyledon coming out of the earth.
2010 Vol. 1 (22): 28-33 [Abstract] ( 1168 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 714KB] ( 804 )
34 Analysis on Major Gene and Polygene Mixed Inheritance of Plant Type Traits in Summer Squash
CHEN Feng-zhen;HE Qi-wei*
Inheritance of plant type traits of summer squash(Cucurbita pepo L.)in P1, P2, F1, B1, B2 and F2 from two crosses q-1×23-4G(cross 1)and q-1×A-7(cross 2)was investigated by major gene and polygene mixed inheritance model of quantitative traits. The results showed that the plant type traits were both controlled by B-1 model; genetic effect of plant height of two crosses were mainly additive effect, but genetic effect of leaf number of two crosses were mainly additive effect and dominant effect. Heritability values of the major genes of F2 were relatively high and environmental effect was relatively low. These results indicated that plant type traits breeding of summer squash should be selected in early generation and the conventional cross breeding would be more effective for the improvement of plant type traits in summer squash.
2010 Vol. 1 (22): 34-40 [Abstract] ( 1096 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 202KB] ( 535 )
41 Relationship between Contents of Pigments and Soluble Sugars during Development of Eggplant Fruits with Different Genotypes
WANG Ling-ping;DAI Dan-li;HU Hai-jiao;BAO Chong-lai;MAO Wei-hai
Taking 4 eggplant(Solanum melongena L.)varieties with different fruit colors as experiment material, the contents of anthacynin, chlorophyll, and soluble sugar during fruit development process were determined and the correlations between pigment and soluble sugar were analyzed. The results indicated that contents of anthocyanin and chlorophyll constituted the pigment of eggplant fruit. The contents of various pigments varied with genotypes. The purple anthocyanin increased rapidly in the later stage of fruit development, while chlorophyll content decreased. The green eggplant was just the opposite. Soluble sugar in eggplant fruit were mainly cane sugar and glucose. In the later stage of fruit development, the purple eggplant contained much more cane sugar, glucose and total reducing sugars than the green one. But in purple eggplant fruit, there was remarkable or extreme remarkable positive correlation between anthocyanin and cane sugar, reducing sugar and oligosaccharides. In green eggplant fruit, there was remarkable positive correlation between chlorophyll content and total soluble sugar. These results indicated that in eggplant fruit, accumulation of anthocyanin and chlorophyll were 2 independent procedure, and these 2 accumulation had close correlation with the changes in soluble sugar content,and their correlation varied with eggplant genotypes.

2010 Vol. 1 (22): 41-46 [Abstract] ( 1449 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 270KB] ( 668 )
47 RAPD Analysis of Genetic Diversity of Wax Gourd and Chieh-qua Germplasm
SONG Shi-wei;LI Zhen;LIU Hou-cheng;SUN Guang-wen;CHEN Ri-yuan*
RAPD analysis was applied to analysis the genetic diversities of 41 wax gourd(Benincasa hispida Cogn.)and chieh-qua(Benincasa hispida var. chieh-qua How)germplasm. 23 polymorphic primers screened out of 455 random primers were used and 143 reproducible bands were produced. Among them, 81 bands were polymorphic and polymorphism detection rate was 56.6 %. This indicated that genetic diversity of wax gourd and chieh-qua germplasm was very rich. RAPD data were analysized by NTSYSpc software, and results showed that the genetic similarity was among the range of 0.60 to 0.99. 41 germplasm were divided into 6 groups and 9 subgroups by clustering analysis, while 6 groups and 10 subgroups by the principal coordinates analysis. The results of germplasm classification according to the above two methods were generally the same.
2010 Vol. 1 (22): 47-53 [Abstract] ( 1207 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 596KB] ( 612 )
54 Relationship between Phenylpropanes Metabolism and Grafted Cucumber Resistance to Southern Root-knot Nematode
ZHANG Yu;LIU Shi-qi*;ZHANG Zi-kun;YANG Xiao-jian;MA Lin;HUANG Zhi-jun;CHEN Kun
To find out the relationship between the resistance to root-knot nematode and phenylpropanes metabolism in grafted cucumber(Cucumis sativus L.)seedlings, the effects of infection of southern root-knot nematode on phenylpropanes and key enzymes index were measured by artificial grafting of pot cucumber seedlings. The results showed that after infected by southern root-knot nematode, the contents of total phenols and lignin, and the activities of phenylalanine ammonia-lyase(PAL), tyrosine ammonia lyase(TAL)and polyphenol oxidase(PPO)were significantly higher than those in self-root seedlings, while the contents of cellulose had little change and the index of root-knot nematode even declined. We concluded that phenylpropane metabolites and key enzymes had close correlation with resistance to southern root-knot nematode in grafted cucumber seedlings. Further studies disclosed that the resistances of 6 rootstocks to southern root-knot nematode were different with the sequence of DTT-RS-39(T4)>‘Gailianghuofenghuang’(T0)>‘Huofenghuang’(T1)>‘Juejinglong’(T3)>‘Youqingtaimu’(T2)>‘Heizinangua’(T5).
2010 Vol. 1 (22): 54-58 [Abstract] ( 1149 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 260KB] ( 715 )
59 Analysis of Relativity between Phytophthora infestans Strains Collected in Different Years and from Different Geographical Sources in Heilongjiang Province
WANG Jia-nan;LV Wen-he*;JIN Guang-hui;BAI Ya-mei;LI Wen-xia
In this research,17 Phytophthora infestans isolates collected in Harbin in 2005, 2006 and 2008, and 46 isolates(all A1 mating type)collected from 8 sites of Heilongjiang Province in 2006 were used as experimental material. Clustering analyses were conducted on the relativity between P. infestans strains isolated in different years and from different geographical sources by 21 EST-SSR primer pairs, respectively. The results indicated that there was certain relativity between P. infestans strains collected in the same locality with the collecting year, and also there was certain relativity between P. infestans strains collected in the same year with geographical sources.
2010 Vol. 1 (22): 59-63 [Abstract] ( 1344 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 210KB] ( 761 )
64 Inducing Effects of BTH Treatment on Melon Resistance to Powdery Mildew at Different Growing Stages
KANG En-xiang;;ZHU Zhen-jia;FANG Chun-yuan;CHEN Nian-lai*;SUN Xiao-mei;YANG Shi-mei
Inducing effects of BTH spaying on resistance to powdery mildew(Erysiphe cucurbitacearum)at 3 stages of melon(Cucumis melo L.)plants were studied, taking melons of seedling, tendril and young fruit stages as experiment materials. The results showed that 0.25 mmol•mL-1 BTH had significanty higher inducing effect on melons at seedling and tendril stages than at the young fruit stage. But inducing effects are not significantly different between melon in tendril and seedling stages. After 0.25 mmol•mL-1 BTH treatment, the amplification of GLU activity in melon leaf-blades at seedling stage is the largest, the next is at tendril stage and the lowest is at young fruit stage. The climax of PAL activity in leaf-blades is postponed along with the increase of plant ages, no matter it is an induced+inoculation plant or a pure inoculation plant.

2010 Vol. 1 (22): 64-67 [Abstract] ( 1063 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 231KB] ( 650 )
68 Detection of Procymidone Drug Resistance to Cucumber Botrytis cinerea in Shanxi Province
ZHAO Xiao-jun;ZHANG Xin;ZHOU Jian-bo
Procymidone drug resistance to cucumber Botrytis cinerea at main cucumber planting regions of Shanxi Province was detected. The results showed that the resistance frequency of 177 strains from 8 regions of Shanxi Province was 81.36 %, and the resistance level was 13.9 times. Among all 177 strains, 34 were sensitive strains, 76 were low resistant strains, 64 were moderate resistant strains, and 3 were high resistant strains. There was no extra-high resistant strain.
2010 Vol. 1 (22): 68-72 [Abstract] ( 1136 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 214KB] ( 699 )
73 Effects of Azadirachtin Missible Oil on Liriomyza trifolii(Burgess)Survival and Oviposition
CUI Xu-hong;CHEN Yang;LI Xiao-yu;LIN Jun;SHANG Han-wu
Effects of different Azadirachtin concentrations on Liriomyza trifolii(Burgess)survival and oviposition were studied. The results showed that azadirachtin concentration had no significant affect on egg hatch. But it could induce high larval and pupa mortality. Its lethal effect on pupa was greater than on larval. It had remarkable oviposition repellency on Liriomyza trifolii(Burgess)adult.

2010 Vol. 1 (22): 73-75 [Abstract] ( 984 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 171KB] ( 639 )
76 Changing Characteristics of Unwrapped Vegetables Quality on Storage Rack in Supermarket
HU Hong;ZHANG Xue-jie;JIA Yan-hua;GUO Ke;LI Kun;WANG Li
The quality changes of 9 kinds of vegetables were investigated by simulating supermarket sales under 12 h shelf-life, unwrapped at ambient temperature. The results showed that vegetable weights lose gradually as time went along and a linear relationship was found. As for the vegetable quality, the chlorophyll contents of cucumber, pakchoi and broccoli showed an increasing trend with time, no matter they were wrapped or unwrapped; while the VC content of sweet pepper, wrapped or unwrapped showed no significant changes; no yellowing, sponging, rust spotting or lignification phenomena were found in cucumber, broccoli, pakchoi and beanst.

2010 Vol. 1 (22): 76-78 [Abstract] ( 1158 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 168KB] ( 762 )
79 A New Hot Pepper F1 Hybrid —‘Pujiao No.1’
ZHANG Xue-ping;CHEN Jian-fang;YUE Zhen-ping;JIN Yan-ge
'Pujiao No.1’is a new hot pepper F1 hybrid developed by crossing self-line 047-3-3selected from Hunan local variety as female parent with self-line H-2-1 selected by self-bred linepurification from introduced foreign golden pepper as male parent. It matures early and grows vigorously.
It is about 45 days from planting to first harvest. The first flower sets on 8-10 th node. Its plant is 64.18cm in height and the strain rate is 72.17 cm. The fruit is 20 cm in length, 3.3 cm in diameter, and 0.28 cmin flesh thickness. It is sheep-horn shaped with yellow green and smooth surface. It is slightly hot and hashigh marketing quality. The average fruit weight is 60 g and the yield is 47.55 t·hm-2 in open field in early spring. It has stronger resistance to virus, late blight and anthracnose than‘Luojiao No.7’. It is suitable for protected cultivation and open filed cultivation in spring .
2010 Vol. 1 (22): 79-80 [Abstract] ( 1053 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 116KB] ( 599 )
81 A New Early-mature Processing Tomato F1 Hybrid一‘Xinfan No.35’
HE Lian-shun;JIANG Tao;ZHANG Ge
‘Xinfan No.35’is a new tomato F1 hybrid with early-maturity and is good for processing. It is developed by crossing inbred line 3071-2-① with E30-3-①. Its plant growth vigor is strong. The average plant height is 70 cm. Its fruit shape is oval with dark red color. The average single fruit weight is 92 g and the thickness of fruit is 0.85 cm. The lycopene content is 150 mg•kg-1(FW). The content of soluble solid is 5.2 %. It takes about 92 days from seedling sprout to 85 % fruit ripening. The average yield is over 102.6 t•hm-2. It is suitable to be cultivated in open fields at Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, Gansu, etc. for processing tomato jam.
2010 Vol. 1 (22): 81-83 [Abstract] ( 1137 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 147KB] ( 558 )
84 A New Melon F1 Hybrid —‘Changtian No.1’
JI Chun-hai;SONG Tao
‘Changtian No.1’is a new melon F1 hybrid variety developed by using inbred T102-1 as female parent and T209 as male parent. Its fruit matures about 60 days after sowing and about 25 days after flowering. The matured fruit is long-round shaped with yellow-white skin. The flesh is white with 2.4 cm thickness. Its soluble solid content is 11.2 %-13.5 %. The average fruit weight is 380-450 g, and the yield is 33-39 t•hm-2. It is suitable for cultivation in open or protected field.

2010 Vol. 1 (22): 84-86 [Abstract] ( 1222 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 131KB] ( 526 )
87 A New Potato Variety —‘Zhengshu No.9’
WU Huan-zhang;GUO Zhao-juan;CHEN Huan-li
‘Zhengshu No.9’was developed by crossing female parent‘Zaodabai’with male parent‘Yumalingshu No.1’. It is an early mature variety. The total growth period is about 56 days. It yields about 18 t•hm-2. This variety is of ellipse tuber shape with yellow tuber skin, white flesh,shallow eyes, and high marketable tuber weight percentage 89.08 %-100 %. Its starch content is 11.8 % with 252 mg•kg-1 VC, 2.52 % protein, 0.32 % reducing sugar. It is resistant to virus disease, late blight and ring rot. It is suitable for cultivation in spring and autumn or only in spring as early cultivation.
2010 Vol. 1 (22): 87-89 [Abstract] ( 1052 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 202KB] ( 604 )
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