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2010 Vol.1 Issue.4,Published 2010-02-15

1 Research Progress in Interaction Mechanism between Host Plant and Fusarium oxysporum
LV Gui-yun;;ZHANG Hai-ying;GUO Shao-gui;XU Yong*

This paper expounded the interaction process between host plant and Fusarium oxysporum from histopathology,physiological biochemical pathology and molecular biology.It also discussed about the relation between Fusarium oxysporum and host plant.

2010 Vol. 1 (4): 1-7 [Abstract] ( 1682 ) [HTML 0KB] [ PDF 173KB] ( 1744 )
8 Advance in Plant Genetic Transformation of Cucurbit Vegetables
HAN Wei;LIU E-e;WANG Ya-qin;HE Xiao-ming*

Recent progresses on the research of regeneration system establishment of cucurbit vegetables,methods of transformation and expression of target genes were reviewed in this paper.Problems and prospects of the field of research were also discussed.

2010 Vol. 1 (4): 8-13 [Abstract] ( 1491 ) [HTML 0KB] [ PDF 373KB] ( 975 )
14 Effects of Exogenous Ca(NO3)2 of Different Concentration on Growth of Cucumber Seedlings under Salt Stress and Plant Membrane Lipid Peroxidation
XU Yu-wei;GUO Shi-rong*;CHENG Yu-jing;XIONG Yin-feng;HUANG Hai-tao

The cucumber(Cucumis sativus L.)variety‘Xintaimici’was hydroponically cultured to study the effects of different exogenous concentration Ca(NO3)2 on growth of cucumber seedlings and membrane lipid peroxidation under salt stress(NaCl 65 mmol·L-1).The results showed that exogenousCa(NO3)2 of different concentration could alleviate the growth inhibition,reduce the increasing range of MDA and electrolyte leakage rate caused by salt stress.2.0 mmol·L-1 Ca(NO3)2 is the best treatment.The above soil fresh quality of cucumber seedling,its dry quality,plant height,stem thickness,leaf areas,under ground fresh weight,dry weight,total root length,total root areas,total root size,number of root tips,etc-other growth index were significantly higher than those under single salt stress treatment.At the same time,the MDA content and the increasing electrolyte leakage rate under salt stress were also decreased.

2010 Vol. 1 (4): 14-18 [Abstract] ( 1395 ) [HTML 0KB] [ PDF 321KB] ( 880 )
19 Effects of Cold Stress to Three Non-heading Chinese Cabbage OguCMS and Biochemical Indexes of Its Maintaining
AN Lin-hai;CHEN Long-zheng;HU Qiao-qiang;XU Hai;SONG Bo;SU Xiao-jun;YUAN Xi-han*

Three cytoplasmic male sterile lines(CMS)and their maintainer lines of the nonheading Chinese cabbage〔Brassica campestris L.ssp.chinensis(L.)Makino var.communis Tsen et Lee〕.were taken as experimental materials,and the contents of chlorophyll,soluble sugar,soluble protein,proline and changes of the activities of SOD,POD,CAT in leaf were tested during seedling.The results showed that the contents of chlorophyll,soluble sugar,soluble protein,proline in CMS were significant lower than their maintainer,while the activities of three protective enzymes(SOD,POD and CAT)were higher in CMS with the treatment of low temperature stress.The contents of chlorophyll and soluble protein decreased continuously in both CMS and their maintainer;while the contents of soluble sugar,praline and the activities of three protective enzymes(SOD,POD and CAT)at first increased,then decreased under cold-stress.There was consistency in all stages of change between CMS and its maintainer line.And after processing,the differences in physiological and biochemical characteristics reduced.All these facts suggested the resistance of cold stress of non-heading Chinese cabbage OguCMS was greatly improved.

2010 Vol. 1 (4): 19-23 [Abstract] ( 1308 ) [HTML 0KB] [ PDF 159KB] ( 859 )
24 Genetic Analysis and Initial Location of Melon(Cucumis melo L.)of Andromonecious and Gynoecious Genes
LIU Wei;SHENG Yun-yan;MA Hong-yan;LUAN Fei-shi*

Genetic analysis was carried out on P1,P2,F1,F2,BC1P1 and BC1P2 using WI998(gynoecy)and TopMark(andromonoecy)as hybridized combination.Genetic map was constructed by Simple Sequence Repeat Markers(SSR)and melon(Cucumis melo L.)genes determined sex expression were located using F2 generation as materials at the same time.The research indicated that aandromonoecious),ggynomonoecious)and gygynoecious)were the three genes which determine sex expression of melon.A genetic map of melon included 31 SSR molecular markers and 2 morphological markers were constructed.Besides,two SSR molecular markers related with sex determination were found.The genetic distances were 13.5 cM between MU55491 marker and gene a and 11.6 cM between MU147232

marker and gene gy,respectively.

2010 Vol. 1 (4): 24-30 [Abstract] ( 1257 ) [HTML 0KB] [ PDF 179KB] ( 867 )
31 Studies on Weak Light Tolerance of Tomato Leaf Color Mutant
YAO Jian-gang;ZHANG He;XU Xiang-yang;ZHANG Li-li;LI Jing-fu*

The morphological indexes,contents of chlorophyll,soluble protein,soluble sugar and MDA,and activities of several protective enzymes of tomato(Lycopersicon exculentum Mill.)leaf color mutant 06883 treated by different levels of weak light stress were measured in this research.The results show that,under different levels of weak light stress,the decrease value of SLM,VLM,chlorophyll content,activities of protective enzymes and the increase value of plant height/stem diameter,LAR,MDA content of tomato leaf color mutant 06883 are less than that of its wildtype 06884.Therefore,the sensitivity to weak light stress of leaf color mutant 06883 is less than that of its wildtype 06884.It is,to certain extent,tolerant to weak light and could be used as good germplasm resource tolerant to weak light.

2010 Vol. 1 (4): 31-35 [Abstract] ( 1375 ) [HTML 0KB] [ PDF 285KB] ( 897 )
36 Studies on Plant Regeneration and Ploidy Identification of Microspore Embryiods in Broccoli(Brassica oleracea L.var.italica Plenck)
WANG Chun-li;WANG Tao-tao;ZHANG Yu-yang;LI Han-xia*

Taking broccoli(Brassica oleracea L.var.italica Plenck)variety‘Qingnong 70’and‘Qingnong 80’as experimental materials,this paper studies on plant regeneration factors of microspore embryoids.The results showed that the embryoids age(30-35 days)was optimal to plant regeneration,and the regeneration frequency exceeded 75 %,while it decreased significantly when the embryoids age was over 40 days.The regeneration frequency reached the highest(up to 60 %-70 %)when agar in the medium was 1.2 %.Most of embryoids could not produce plantlets directly,subculture was needed,and this treatment helped to differentiate much more plantlets.The optimal media for subculture was MS+3 % sucrose+1.0 % agar.About half of the regenerated plants were haploid,30 %-35 % plants were double haploid,and the rest were a few tetraploid or chimeras.

2010 Vol. 1 (4): 36-40 [Abstract] ( 1282 ) [HTML 0KB] [ PDF 293KB] ( 871 )
41 Tetraploid of Zingiber officinale Roscoein Vitro Inducement and Its Morphology Analysis
WANG Zhi-min;NIU Yi;SONG Ming*;TANG Qing-lin

Taking clustering ginger(Zingiber officinale Roscoe.)shoot as materials,we compared the doubling effects of its somatic cell chromosome under in vitro cultivation condition and with different colchicines concentration and different treating time period.The results showed that the inducement effect was the best,when shoots were treated in liquid culture medium of 0.2 % colchicines concentration for 8 days.The inducement and survival rate were 42.86 % and 70.00 %,respectively.The chromosome number of tetraploid was 2n=4x=44,while that of the control diploid was 2n=2x=22.Compared with diploid,tetraploid showed characteristics of taller plant height,thicker stem,larger,broader and thicker leaf blade,fewer stomata per unit area,larger stomata,and more chloroplasts in stomata guard cell.The stomata density and chloroplast number in guard cells could be important characteristics distinguishing tetraploid from diploid.

2010 Vol. 1 (4): 41-46 [Abstract] ( 1350 ) [HTML 0KB] [ PDF 619KB] ( 826 )
47 Studies on Polyphenol Content Determination of Luffa by Folin-Ciocalteu Colorimetry
HUANG Shu-ping;TAN Tai-ming;XU Chang-cheng;TAN Jie;LIU Ming;WANG Meng

A quantitative determination method for polyphenol content in luffa was studied by using Folin-Ciocalteu colorimetry with gallic acid as standard.The results showed that 2 mL polyphenol contents from luffa could be well calculated according to their colorimetric absorption at 770 nm by applying 2 mL Folin-Ciocalteu reagent,and 4 mL 10 % Na2CO3 for 90 min at 30 ℃ for colorimetric reaction,and the linear range of standard curve was 2-10 mg·L-1.The polyphenol content in luffa could be determined by this method.This method is very stable with good reappearing property and high accuracy.

2010 Vol. 1 (4): 47-52 [Abstract] ( 1831 ) [HTML 0KB] [ PDF 350KB] ( 2203 )
53 Exploitation and Analysis of Nutritional Quality of Local Chinese Cabbage Variety‘Jinhua Houdagaojiao’
WU Jian-feng;ZHANG Hai-juan;HU Gong-tang;YU Xiao-lin*

In this study,the plant morphology of local Chinese cabbage〔Brassica campestris L.ssp.chinensis(L.)Makino varcommunis Tsen et Lee〕‘Jinhua Houdagaojiao’(for short as‘Houdabai’)was observed and its nutritional quality was tested.The results indicated that its moisture content is significantly lower than that of the two control varieties‘Hangzhouyoudonger’and‘Zaoshu No.5’,the crude fiber and total soluble sugar content of‘Houdabai’is higher than that of‘Hangzhouyoudonger’and notably higher than that of‘Zaoshu No.5’.The zinc content of‘Houdabai’is also higher than that of the two control varieties.It was 1.9 times of‘Zaoshu No.5’,and 4.7 times of‘Hangzhouyoudonger’.However,the contents of VC,kalium,phosphor and amino acid were almost the same as‘Hangzhouyoudonger’,but obviously higher than‘Zaoshu No.5’.

2010 Vol. 1 (4): 53-56 [Abstract] ( 1297 ) [HTML 0KB] [ PDF 202KB] ( 1104 )
57 Effect of Iodine on Flowering,Bearing and Yield of Cherry Tomato
YU Wen-jin;YAO Yan;ZHAO Cheng-gang;LONG Ming-hua;TANG Xiao-fu;LIU Jie-yun;YANG You-jie;TANG Fei-hui;DENG Xue-ying;QIN Zhi

In controlled condition of deep flow hydroponics,the experiment studied the effect of iodine on flowering,bearing and yield of cherry tomato(Lycopersicon esculentum var.cerasiforme)treated with solutions of different iodide(I-)concentrations.After I- treatments,the node order of inflorescence,from the 3rd to the 5th,was 2-3 nodes lower than that of the CK.The fruit of plants treated in solutions with I- concentration of 2.0 mg·L-1 and high I- concentration(5.0-6.0 mg·L-1)ripened 5-8 days ahead of the CK.With respect to fruit setting rate,there was no significant difference between those plants treated with I- concentration of 1.0-4.0 mg·L-1 and the CK;but for plants treated with high I- concentration(5.0-6.0 mg·L-1),it was significantly lower

than the CK.The flower number,fruit number and yield with low I- concentration treatment(1.0-2.0 mg·L-1)were significantly larger than the CK,while the yield of plants treated with high I- concentration(5.0-6.0 mg·L-1)was significantly lower than the CK.Fruit weight decreased with the increase of I- concentration in solutions,but there was no significant difference between those treated with I- concentration of 1.0-3.0 mg·L-1 and the CK.To summarize these results,it can be concluded that the optimal I- concentration provided for cherry tomato growth should be 1.0-2.0 mg·L-1.

2010 Vol. 1 (4): 57-61 [Abstract] ( 1643 ) [HTML 0KB] [ PDF 240KB] ( 955 )
62 Effects of Eggplant Seed Treatment with Atmospheric Pressure Plasma on Plant Growth and Yield
ZHOU Zhu-wen;HUANG Yan-fen;*;DENG Ming-sen;YANG Si-ze

In order to study the effect of atmospheric pressure plasma on eggplant(Solanum melongena L.)growth and yield,the eggplant seeds were treated by equipment with different voltage from 4 420 to 6 800 V.The results showed that the plant height,plant extent,root length,root extent,single fruit weight and length etc.indexes were greater than the check(CK).In addition,the morbidity of eggplant cyanosis after treatment were lower than that of the control and the total yield were higher than the check.The highest yields were reached by the fifth,sixth and seventh treatments.Their yields were 11.59 %,11.0 % and 10.03 % than the check,respectively.

2010 Vol. 1 (4): 62-66 [Abstract] ( 1448 ) [HTML 0KB] [ PDF 277KB] ( 942 )
67 Female Flowers were Induced by Ethephon in Andromonoecious Cucumis melo L.
LI Xiao-ming;WEI Bao-dong;LIU Ai-qun;ZHANG Jia-wang;FENG Hui*
An oriental melon(Cucumis melo L.)116 and a rock melon A-2-3 were used to study the sexual phenotype induced by ethephon application on 4-leaves seedlings.The results showed that the female flowers were induced in the two andromonoecious materials during the initial stages of florescence by the application of ethephon 100-200 μL·L-1.When the fruit matured,the seed number of single fruit and seed germination rate had no significant differences with that of the control group.
2010 Vol. 1 (4): 67-70 [Abstract] ( 1838 ) [HTML 0KB] [ PDF 192KB] ( 1367 )
71 Field Trials of Different Insecticides against Vegetable Spider Mites
WNAG Shao-li;WANG Ran;ZHANG You-jun;XU Bao-yun;WU Qing-jun
The control effects of 11 insecticides against vegetable spider mites were compared in the field.The results showed that 3 acaricides,pyridaben,propargite,hexythiazox and 6 insecticides,abamectin,chlorfenapyr,cyhalothrin,emamectin benzoate,oxymatrine prosuler,envidor had good control effects and there was no significant difference among them.It had excellent control effects for 4 low-toxicity insecticides including propargite,hexythiazox,abamectin,and emamectin benzoate.Their control effects reached 79.96 %,88.50 % and 99.01 % for propargite,82.64 %,88.79 % and 97.77 % for hexythiazox,73.24 %,91.16 % and 97.73 % for abamectin,74.12 %,87.46 % and 98.62 % for emamectin benzoate after insecticides spray for 3,7,and 10 days respectively and they are proper for the control of vegetable spider mites.Cyhalothrin had middle toxicity and envidor showed lower control effects,so the timing and dose of their usage should be limited.However,chlorantraniliprole and spinosad didnt exhibit any control effects for the spider mites.
2010 Vol. 1 (4): 71-74 [Abstract] ( 1690 ) [HTML 0KB] [ PDF 246KB] ( 1055 )
75 Disease Resistance Evaluation of Curcurbitaceae Seedlings to Phytophthora capsici
ZENG Jing;ZHONG Xue-xiang;LI Zhi-jun;WU Zhi-ming;HU Kai-lin*
The diseases resistances of 10 gourd seedlings to Phytophthora capsici were identified by artificially inoculating zoospore of P.capsici with different concentrations(2×103 spore·mL-1,2×104 spore·mL-1,2×105 spore·mL-1).The results indicated that the different gourd seedlings showed different resistance exhibition to P.capsici.Except for‘Zaoshu No.1’sponge gourd and‘Xinxiu’angular sponge gourd showed immunity to P.capsic,other nine species resistance decreased remarkably along with the increase of inoculating concentration.After inoculating zoospore with 2×104 spore·mL-1 concentration,‘Miben’pumpkin and‘Xinguangyou’chieh-qua showed strong disease resistance;‘Zaoyou’bitter gourd and‘Bifeng’cucumber had moderate resistance;‘Tedaxinhongbao’watermelon,‘Xiumei’green-rid oriental pickling melon,‘Yinhui’melon,‘Taiyou’clavated calabash,‘Jingying No.1’summer squash were highly susceptible.
2010 Vol. 1 (4): 75-77 [Abstract] ( 1639 ) [HTML 0KB] [ PDF 154KB] ( 911 )
78 Initial Report about Control Effect of Six Insecticides against Bemisia tabaci(Gennadius)on Cucumber Plants
CUI Wen-qing;JIN Hong-yun;LI Chang-ping;TIAN Zhao-yin;ZHANG Xiao-lin;CAO Xin-ming
Field efficacy trials were conducted to determine the effects of six insecticides in controlling Bemisia tabaci(Gennadius).The results showed that spraying when instar nymphae of Bemisia tabaci just occurred,insecticides as thiamethoxam 25 % WG at 240 g·hm-2,imidacloprid 25 % WP at 210-240 g·hm-2,bifenthrin 25 % EC at 90 mL·hm-2,imidaclothiz 10 % WP at 375-525 g·hm-2,acetamiprid 5 % WP at 600-750 g·hm-2,abamectin 1.8 % EC at 1 249.5 mL·hm-2 all could provide effective control effect against Bemisia tabaci.The above mentioned insecticides and dosages were recommended for application.
2010 Vol. 1 (4): 78-80 [Abstract] ( 1503 ) [HTML 0KB] [ PDF 209KB] ( 835 )
81 A New Pakchoi F1 Hybrid —‘Jingguan No.1’
ZHAO Xiu-yun;XU Jia-bing;ZHANG Feng-lan*;YU Yang-jun;ZHANG De-shuang;YU Shuan-cang;LU Gui-xiang
‘Jingguan No.1’is a new pakchoi F1 hybrid bred by two self-incompatible lines Y242 and Y184.It grows rapidly and can be harvested at 30-55 days after sowing.The plant is 21 cm in height and 30 cm in width.The leaf is light green and the petiole is green with 5.5 cm in width and 1.4 cm in thickness.The average plant weight is about 0.26 kg and its yield is about 37.5 t·hm-2.It is high resistant to virus disease,resistant to downy mildew.It is suitable for summer and autumn cultivation,and has been extended to Beijing,Fujian,Zhejiang,Guangdong and Yunnan with total area about 60 000 hm2.
2010 Vol. 1 (4): 81-82 [Abstract] ( 1562 ) [HTML 0KB] [ PDF 122KB] ( 915 )
83 A New Summer Squash F1 Hybrid —‘Jinyuan No.6’
YUE Qing;MIAO Ru-yi;MA Hai-long;ZHI Hai-ying;LIANG Yan-ping
‘Jinyuan No.6’is a new F1 hybrid of summer squash developed by crossing two inbred line Q121-3 and F213-1.It grows vigorously with dwarf type.The plant is 75 cm in height and 115 cm in width.The first female flower starts from node 6-7.The fruit is cylindrical with light green skin,fruit index 3.5 and very glossy.Average fruit weight is 250-300 g.The total yield is about 105 t·hm-2.It is suitable to be cultivated in protected fields.
2010 Vol. 1 (4): 83-84 [Abstract] ( 1261 ) [HTML 0KB] [ PDF 125KB] ( 725 )
85 Breeding of Supper Early and High Yield Hot Pepper F1 Hybrid —‘Xinxiang No.2’
HUANG Xin-gen;HUANG Yong-gen;HUANG Xiao-mao;CHEN Zhong-liang;LIU Wen-liang;LIU Liang-zi
‘Xinxiang No.2’is a hybrid developed by crossing inbred line 95012 with 97015.It is supper early maturity.It takes 18-20 days from flowering to harvest.Average weight per fruit is 18-20 g.The fruit is horn-shaped with length of 16 cm,shoulder diameter of 2.0 cm.It is high resistant to anthracnose,resistant to phytophthora blight and virus disease.The total yield is about 49.5 t·hm-2.
2010 Vol. 1 (4): 85-87 [Abstract] ( 1325 ) [HTML 0KB] [ PDF 156KB] ( 988 )
88 A New Cherry Tomato Variety —‘Yinghong No.2’
ZHAO Xiao-bin;WANG Jin-hua;DING Jun-jie;CHENG Zhi-fang;MI Guo-quan;PEI Shu-fang;CAO Gui-feng*
Yinghong No.2’is a new early ripening tomato variety which is developed by system selection crossing‘Zhumi’from Taiwan as female parent with‘ココ’from Japan as male parent.It belongs to boundless growth type.Its matured fruit is red and of flat round shape.The single fruit weight is 25 g.The content of lycopene,soluble sugar,acid and VC are 51.8 mg·kg-1,45.1 g·kg-1,5.6 g·kg-1 and 426 mg·kg-1,respectively.It is high resistant to TMV,resistant to root-knot nematode.The yield is about 45.0-52.5 t·hm-2.It is suitable for growing in open fields and protected fields in most areas of China.
2010 Vol. 1 (4): 88-90 [Abstract] ( 1472 ) [HTML 0KB] [ PDF 280KB] ( 858 )
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